Monthly Archives: October 2011

Yes, you read that right!! We, as in me and my family are moving to Rapid City, South Dakota! Which means KJP will be moving there as well! So if you happen to know anyone in the Rapid City area, pass my name on to them! We will now be a Rapid City Family and Wedding photographer!!! I have been getting inquiries for 2012 weddings here in town, and if I do get those, I would travel down here for you weddings at no travel charge!

We will be moving as soon as we can, but since this is a very last minute and not really expected move, when me and the kids move out there to be with Hubby, all depends on how fast he can find us somewhere to live! On a whim, we decided to try applying for a job for him in a few other states in which his license can be used. SO online we went and started applying at our top 3 choices for out of state. That was only a couple weeks ago, and last week he got his first call/interview with Rapid City, (our first choice, since it is the closest to some friends we know in WY!) and had the second interview yesterday and he got hired!

So as this is all still very fresh and exciting and very stressfull! I am super excited and ready to start a new adventure somewhere new! I have been an AZ girl my whole life, so this will be a huge change to actually go somewhere where I have no family, and actually gets some seasons and weather change!!

And, from the phone call to his first day is less about a month of time, we get to pack up our house, get a renter, move across the country and unpack in a new house! Looking around here all I can see is LOTS to get done in such a short time!! So I am already starting! I am going to find some boxes today and start packing up our 8 years, 2 adults, and 5 kids worth of stuff!:) This is something that we were not totally planning on doing, but it is happening now and we are all super excited for the change!!

We will be moving and starting out in a completely strange new place very soon, and I can’t wait to see what is in store for us!

Now something exciting for you guys:

Unfortunately that means my mini sessions that I have planned for the end of the month will be cancelled, because, I don’t know if I will be here or not!! But I am going to do a SUPER SPECIAL DEAL for your last chance to get your family photos done with KJP before we relocate!:)

SO, I AM OFFERING MINI SESSIONS for $65, that’s right only $65, but they must be done by October 19th! It will be for a 25 minute session either at DC Ranch Market Street in North Scottsdale, or Saguaro Ranch Park in Glendale. Since it is such a low price, you will get your images emailed to you instead of on a disc shipped!

This is the last chance to get your holiday session done with me before we leave, so if you have been debating or deciding to sign up for your session, now is the time! I will try and schedule multiple session on the same days, so I do not have a specific day/time, let me know what works best for you, so we can get you in!

Remember the sessions must be scheduled for a date on or before October 19th, so I can have your photos done before the end of the month.:)If you would like a session, be sure to email me at info[at] and I will get you an invoice! Session must be paid for at the time you book your session!

This little guy was just adorable! I LOVE newborn sessions, and this one was about 5 or so days old. I always squeeze in time to schedule a newborn under 2 weeks old. If you would like to schedule your newborn photo session, we can plan a little ahead of time around your due date, but you know how those babies like to come on their own schedule:)So, after you have your baby, let me know and we can fit you in within 10 days!

Anyways here a just a few of my favorites of this guy.

Thank you for letting me capture your little bundle of Love! And congratulations once again!!