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Our precious little love is finally here! He made his appearance 5 days early!

After he tricked us the first time, the day he decided he wanted to be born, I didn’t know if I should believe it!

I had went to the Dr appt. on Friday the 13th, she did sweep/strip my membranes since I was already dilated to a 4! I had been having contractions many times a day for the few weeks before that. After the appointment, I started having regular contractions and when they started coming about every 10 minutes, we thought we better call up someone from Gillette!

Well our friends Jake and Erica were planning on a day trip for Saturday anyways, so it worked out perfect for them to come as a family and stay the weekend! Well by the time they got here, contractions started dying down, but then picked up again through the night, but completely stopped around 4ish. Should have went in when they were about 6-7 minutes apart for over an hour! Then Saturday, me and Erica went shopping and by the end of the trip contractions started up again, and the same story that night. Well long story short, the family left Sunday night, and Erica stayed until tuesday just in case! Me and her got in lots of shopping/walking, which was fun, even though I wasn’t the most comfortable!

Tuesday came and we tried to decide if she should stay another night but at that point, I had hardly had a contraction all day Tuesday, so we said forget it! This baby is being stubborn, so just go home!

Well I woke up Wednesday morning about 5ish because of contractions again. Later that morning we went for a drive up in the hills to do some exploring and contractions started picking up. By one-ish, I had the feeling that I MAY be going in that night, contractions were coming every 12-15 minutes and getting stronger. Well by 3 they all the sudden went from 12-15 minutes apart to coming every 3-5 minutes and I new that I had to get to the hospital, they were so strong! So had to quickly call the girls in Gillette, to leave asap! And then called our newly met neighbor to have her watch the kids until the girls got here!

We got to the Hospital about 4pm, and of course had to get checked in, go into a triage room, hooked up to moniters and checked to make sure I was really in labor. At which point I was already changing my mind about not getting an epidural, to how soon can I get one! So by the time we got in our room, got poked about 6 times by 4 different nurses to get my IV going, got a bag of fluid in and got my epidural, it was already 7ish, and then baby Luke was born right before 8PM!

And our perfect gift from God!  Just LOVE them already so much from the second they are born and the Dr. lays them on my chest to get the first look at them! I love this moment of brand new baby! He was looking all around and the first thing he did was grab onto my finger and he had quite the grip for the longest time!

Our big boy! He is our biggest so far, 9lbs 14oz!!

Babies first bath.

Our first cold country baby! And of course the night he was born it was -4 outside and when we left it was a whoppin 6 degrees!! Probably all my other babies left the hospital in the 60s-70s range, maybe even warmer for the April babies! All bundled up and ready to go:)

All the kids just love him to pieces and one of them is constantly holding, touching, kissing, talking to, and holding some more!

He is awake more now and he loves just looking around at all the activity!

It gets tiring holding baby, and keeping him from fussing. Our little mother hen in all her glory holding him, and they both fell asleep!

I will post more pictures another day, but for now, finally getting these snapshots(taken with both my camera and hubbies point and shoot) up! Recovery was a breeze, and our sleep schedules are finally getting figured out. And with hubbies 3 day work week schedule, it has been nice having him home lots to spoil me by cooking/picking up, and bringing the kids to/from school. How long do you think I can convince him to keep up the spoiling? 😉