Monthly Archives: April 2012

How adorable are these little boys?! Loved getting to shoot a Portrait session in Gillette:)
This little guy was about 5 months old and so smiley and big brother is about 18 months old! And he is the TYPICAL 18 month old, non-stop moving! But we were able to keep him in place for a few seconds at a time:)

And of course their pretty mama!

We make many trips out to Gillette, so if you would like a portrait session in Gillette, send me an email to info[at], or a fb message on facebook!

Wow! Time flies, haven’t been on here in FOREVER! Baby is already 3 months old tomorrow:) I finally have an extra room, so I decided to pull out the dusty studio lights that I have never really had anywhere to put! They are set up downstairs in the basement, and the kids know to stay out of my “studio”! I have always preferred the natural lighting outdoors. But, love what I have been getting with the studio lights in my dark/windowless room downstairs!

So, since I haven’t posted in a who knows how long, I decided to share a few with you on here. (if any of you are still with me here!) Would love to someday, accumulate enough props/backdrops etc to maybe start doing some studio sessions. but for now it will be just for me and my own kids practicing with the one black drop I do have and few baskets/blankets that I have had for my newborn sessions!

Anyways, just to share a few pictures of a few of my kids in the studio:)

I have enjoyed my extra long maternity leave to spend time with my growing family and my not so newborn baby! They are only newborns for so short of a time, that I have just been loving him. I have taken many long breaks from being online, just to spend time with my family and gather my goals and dreams for the future! In doing so, I have decided to start limiting my shoots to 4 sessions a month so that my clients and my family both get the attention they deserve:)I am now booking portrait sessions for May (YAY!) out here in Rapid City, so if you would like to schedule your session for spring, do so soon! I am still debating on a Spring Mini Session day in the park and will let you know if I decide to do that.