Monthly Archives: January 2013

Another family I got the chance to photograph before Christmas! This adorable family is good friends of ours from Arizona. They moved to Gillette Wy, a little before we found out we were moving to Rapid City! So it is great to be able to see them as often as we get out to Gillette!

Adorable little brothers!

And this little goofball sure has a mind of his own. He has such an innocent little look, and he never causes any trouble 😉

Thanks for having me capture your family portraits!

I had big plans of doing something creative, as creative as I can get by taking my own picture. But, sitting at dinner last night, I realized that all my sunshine options were gone and I had to get a picture to post for this week!!

So, here I am reading on the Ipad with my 2yr old, in an almost dark room, and taken by my 8yr old.:)

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Met up with this little family of 3, and little E sure is a cutie! He is for sure all boy, and was the very typical, on the go, 2yr old!

Love his eyes!

LOVE this one, he looks so sweet!

“Wait, what is this fuzz? Oh pictures?? well, I am busy”:)

Just digging in the dirt and throwing it up in the air. He is all BOY!

Such an adorable little family, and Thank you for having me be your Family photographer!

 This week was something old. So took the little kids today for a drive around the city in search of “something old”! It was a fun little trip that we ended with an ice cream cone from Micky ds.

These are not my usual subject, or my usual editing style! But I just thought that these 2 old trucks needed some fun and different style to them!

Enjoy:)An old Chevy van/bus? and a Jeep.

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