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Went outside the other day to take this weeks photo, it was a beautiful sunny 55 degree day, warm enough for some to wear shorts.:)
They sit in this tree all summer long, or any day they play outside.
So this was my view when I looked up 😉

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Enjoy your weekend!

This week is cabin fever.

And it was a snowy day.

I love snowy days, and I think the snow is so pretty and I don’t mind it, as long as they clear the roads up pretty fast. And I don’t know around here it seems that some times they are on top of it, other times they don’t start for a couple days! By that time it is nice and packed down, and slippery:)

BUT, with this house, we don’t really have an entry way, our front door opens into the living room, which is all carpet, and only has a tiny 2x3ft tiled section at the door. The kids love to go out and play (for short intervals anyways) in the snow, which means when they come back in they each have a PILE of boots, jackets, hats, mittens, wet socks…. that times 4 or 5 kids means a nice sized pile by the door.

So, my cabin fever is starting to set in, and I can’t wait for warm spring days, where the kids can play outside barefoot:)and all we will have by the door is a pair of flip flops or sandals per kid. 

 the snow today came perfect timing, so here is the cause of my cabin fever:)

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Have a fantastic weekend:)

We have had 2 miserable kids this week, both had ear infections!! Baby was up alot on Sunday night, and sure enough he had in both ears, and then Wednesday our 4 yr old was sleeping/crying/completely miserable Wednesday. She kept saying it was in her mouth, so I kept thinking it was her teeth, but flossing, or eating didn’t hurt, she finally pinpointed it to her ear and sure enough! Our kids NEVER have ear infections, in fact a couple of them have never had one, and the others that have, have had one, maybe 2 in their life. So 2 kids within 2 days was kind of shocking over here!:)

So, what I was getting at, was that I almost missed this week!

But my kindergartner came home just proud as can be over her little gingerbread man she had made! And she so willingly posed, and came up with the poses herself, to get her picture of her and her little gingerbread man down in the studio.

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So, with that I hope everyone has a great weekend!

All of you out here in Rapid, ENJOY this beautiful weather we are having!