Rapid City Photographer | Locks of Love

Em has been growing her hair out for quite a while now.

Even to just give her a trim, I have to promise that I am only cutting less than an inch off before she would let me do it!

Then one day last week, she came home asked to take a shower and informed me that when she gets out she wanted her hair cut!! What?? Trimmed?, no short.:)You can only imagine my surprise!

But, since she wanted it cut mid neck length I talked to her about Locks of Love and making wigs for kids that don’t have hair, and she happily agreed to cut her hair for a girl with no hair.

So we decided to go to the “salon” as she calls it, and she happily jumped up into the chair for her cut.

The requirement for Locks of Love is 10 inches, and I am pretty sure the gal cut more than 11 off!

She just loves her short Layered hair.

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